Penelope Barker

October 25. 1774
Fifty-one “patriotic ladies” gather in Edenton to announce in writing their boycott of East Indian tea as long as it is taxed by the British. This protest, known as the Edenton Tea Party, is one of the first political activities in this country staged by women.

Her proclamation read:
“We the ladyes of Edenton do hereby solemnly engage not to conform to ye pernicious Custom of Drinking Tea or that we, the aforesaid Ladyes, will not promote ye wear of any manufacture from England, until such time that all Acts which tend to enslave this our Native Country shall be repealed.”


"A Society of Patriotic Ladies"

What is happening?

What does the cartoonist think of the Edenton “Tea Party”?

What does the cartoonist think of the Revolutionaries?

What does the cartoonist think of women’s “proper” role?

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